Hackaday Omnibus Vol 2 Review

Is a reprint of Hackaday.com articles worth it?

hackaday omnibus vol2 review

As 2015 wrapped up, I finally got around to flipping through the Hackaday Omnibus Vol #2. Before getting into what I think about this issue, I want to address an interesting point.

In our increasingly digital lives, the value of high-quality prints continues to rise. Hackaday Omnibus helps to maintain and set the standards for published works.

You might be thinking, “what’s the point of buying a paper version of their website?” That’s what I hope to address in this review: is Hackaday Omnibus worth buying?

What is the Hackaday Omnibus?

If you aren’t familiar with the word “omnibus”, it is a compilation of previously published works. (It’s also Latin “for all”, according to Wikipedia.)

The Omnibus is 8.5in x 11in x 0.33in (216mm x 279mm x 8.5mm) in size. The 128 pages contain 31 articles featuring 21 authors, from hackaday.com’s 2015 posts. Oh, and there are no ads.

Omnibus Topics

hackaday omnibus vol2 split page binder focus

Whether you are an artist, an engineer, or just a weekend garage hacker you’ll find something interesting in the Omnibus. Nearly every article was interesting to me in some way.

Examples of the 31 articles include

  1. Arduino vs. Arduino: Despite following this story throughout the year, it was nice to see a concise write-up of the fight between the original team.
  2. Don’t understand the periodic table? How about a breakdown of how it is organized and what the information means. It’s a quantum truth table.
  3. How to Build Beautiful Enclosures from PCBs. You probably have a few laying around, how can you turn them into a cool box for your project?
  4. True Random Number Generator. With the increasing need for privacy, understanding crypto has become important to me. Great article on what it takes to create a true random number generator (TRNG)
  5. Navigating the Oceans with a Clock. The Martian was my favorite fiction read of 2015. This article talks about the minimum technology needed to navigate the seas.

As I said, there are 31 articles in all. This list is just a small sampling of the topic variety.

Omnibus Layout

hackaday omnibus vol2 split pages

Despite being from a “hacker community” and an extensive list of authors, everything feels like it belongs together. This cohesiveness is because of the professional and consistent layout.

I should also mention the artwork throughout is awesome. Hats off to the Hackaday Omnibus team of artists.

Is the Hackaday Omnibus Vol 2 Worth It?

Currently, Hackaday Omnibus Vol 2 is selling for $17 in the hackaday.com store. Given the high-quality print production, crisp writing, and deeply technical topics it is, hands down, worth 17 bucks. Go grab a copy now.

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