Making tutorial videos and project videos is a very different process. It is very easy to script a tutorial. In fact, I think it is a necessary step. Project videos, on the other hand, are more organic. In this project, I build a capacitive activated coin bank, based on this Coin Acceptor from Adafruit. It uses an MSP430 to do capacitive sensing and then a Pryamiduino to control the rest of the electronics. In the end, I do some classic AddOhms special effects to demonstrate how the project works. For detailed notes and design files, hit the button below for the element14 project page.

Bank to the Future on e14

With the retiring of Ben Heck from the Ben Heck Show, element14 created “element14 presents.” It is a group of video content producers. We build electronics projects, create tutorials, and occasionally unbox cool new things. Two of the presenters are familiar faces. Karen has continued her series the Learning Circuit, and Felix continues with sudo sergeant.

Bank to the Future” is a capacitive sensing coin bank I created. It is my first video on the element14 presents channel. This video is my 3rd project for element14. The first was years ago when I unboxed the, at the time, new Raspberry Pi B+

The most recent tutorial was a collaboration between element14, TI, and myself. It is an AddOhms electronics tutorial on capacitive sensing. (It is the same boards I used in the “Coin Bank” project.)

All in all, the project was fun to build. It has been on my “to do” list for a long time. So any suggestions for my next build?

Bank to the Future on e14

Date: August 24, 2018
Appearance: Bank to the Future on element14 presents
Outlet: element14 Presents
Format: Vlog

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