EAGLE Trivia Challenge: Why the ratnest?

Your challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to determine why EAGLE is showing a ratsnet connection on the far left of the PCB layout. The pads shown with the yellow unrouted line are both GND. They are both surrounded by a ground plane, which is also connected to GND.

Hint: it isn’t a bug and it is something many people might ignore by mistake.

Can’t figure it out? Or you want to see if you got it? Use a ROT-13 converter for the answer:
Gurer vf ab culfvpny pbaarpgvba orgjrra gur tebhaq cynar gung P9 naq 3I3_CJE ner fvggvat ba. Fb juvyr gurl obgu unir n TAQ cynar ninvynoyr, gur cynarf nera’g pbaarpgrq!

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Capacitor Expert by Day, Enginerd at Night. On paper I have a EE which I use to make things blink, beep, and fly. I created and enjoy making the AddOhms Tutorials at addohms.com. You can follow James on Twitter @baldengineer or on Google+.
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One Response to "EAGLE Trivia Challenge: Why the ratnest?"

  1. dv says:

    YBY, pbaarpgrq gb TAQ va anzr bayl !

    Edit: I converted this post to rot13. Please don’t post the answer in the comments.


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