OSX: Cathode, Best Terminal Ever!

Cathode from Secret Geometry

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Cathode from Secret Geometry is, hands down, my favorite Terminal Emulator for OSX.  It is, in my opinion, (near?) perfect emulation of classic computer terminals from the 1980s.  When using it, it reminds me of how far computers really have come.  It is also one of the funnest ways to ssh into a remote host to edit a CSS file real quick.

I like keeping mine set to 14.4k baud emulation.  The screen blur, when running Full Screen in Lion, almost makes me forget I’m using an LCD!

What truly amazes me is all of the little bits of polish that go into the emulation.  For example, remember hitting the side of a CRT and getting a little bit of jitter?  Move the terminal window around and the same thing happens.  There’s even an option to take a picture from an iSight, which appears as a reflective image.

Below is a YouTube Video I put together to show it off a little bit compared to the boring regular Terminal.app.  Head over to Secret Geometry‘s web site to download Cathode and enjoy nostalgic terminal emulation.

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